Plenary Sessions:19 (Sat) & 20 (Sun) June 2021 

Venue Online

Organized by ICPE2021 Organizing Committee and International Press-in Association (IPA)


There is a growing need for the maintenance and renovation of obsolete infrastructure in developed countries. In the meantime, developing countries face compelling challenges of constructing adequate infrastructure in response to rapid urbanization. Also, we are witnessing greater threats of earthquakes, typhoons and other natural disasters, which forces us to recognize and acknowledge the unexpected vulnerability of infrastructure.

Meeting these challenges will require an academic field of planning, researching and designing sustainable infrastructure. Thus, there is a pressing need to establish an academic field to facilitate comprehensively the training of engineers and the development of technologies that will support construction work in devising efficient machines and energy- and labor-saving construction processes.


Considering the above-mentioned background, this international conference aims to promote the academic field of “Press-in engineering”, where experts of various academic fields interact with a focus on the Press-in method.

The conference offers opportunities for academics and technicians to intercommunicate with one another and for students and young experts to present their achievements. It also provides forums for introducing Japanese efforts for building national resilience as well as study reports of IPA Technical Committees.


Supported by

International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering Kochi Prefecture
Asian Civil Engineering Coordinating Council Kochi City
Japan Society of Civil Engineers Kami City
The Japanese Geotechnical Society Konan City
The Institution of Professional Engineers, Japan, Shikoku Regional Headquarters Kochi University of Technology
Kochi Construction Managing Engineers Association National Institute of Technology, Kochi College
Japanese Technical Association for Steel Pipe Piles and Sheet Piles Shikoku Railway Company
Japan Press-in Association West Nippon Expressway Company Limited, Shikoku branch
Japan Construction Machinery and Construction Association The Shikoku Bank, Ltd.
The Japan Civil Engineering Consultants Association, Shikoku Branch THE BANK OF KOCHI, LTD.
Kochi Construction Industry Association The Kochi Shimbun
Kochi Industrial Association GIKEN LTD.
Kochi Survey and Planning Association GIKEN SEKO CO., LTD.
Kochi Institute of Invention and Innovation (Total 27 groups as of August 2020)